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The Late Dr Stephen Olford was born in Africa, spent many years in the UK as pastor of Duke Street, Richmond before taking up the pastor at New York’s famous Calvary Baptist Church. He launched his "Centre for Biblical Preaching" in Memphis, Tennessee to which pastors from around the world can come for study and preparation in the preaching of the Word of God.

The ministry in the USA is now known as "Olford International Ministries" (OMI) and is now fully incorporated into "Union University of Tennessee". The University has installed "The Stephen Olford Chair of Expository Preaching" and it's first Professor is Dr David Olford. David continues as President of OMI-USA and Encounter UK and also remains director of the "Stephen Olford Centre for Biblical Preaching".

WAM looks after all the sales of tapes and books and arranges occasional Preachers Seminars and Conferences in the UK for Dr David Olford.

Pastors Plus.

For a small subscription you can join Pastors Plus and receive a printed weekly outline via email of one of Dr Olfords messages for either study or for preaching

Archives for Pastors Plus Members.

Archives containing message outlines by Dr Stephen Olford and Dr David Olford are now open to members. These contain messages that cover a 5 year period from 1999-2004. They are primarily sorted by year, then by month. For your convenience we have also listed the Sermon Title, Scripture Reference and Speaker.

To get the outlines, go to our website (above) and click on the link for Pastors Plus Members. You will be asked for a user name and a password to enter the site. If, as a member, you do not yet have this information, please call the office and speak to Miriam.

If you would like more information please do
click here and use the form. You can, if you wish, send a gift for WAM or for any specific ministry, requesting at the same time a Gift Aid Declaration Form.

The Stephen Olford Legacy.
Mrs Heather Olford is working with Dr David Olford to produce sets of teaching material that can be used internationally to teach and encourage preachers through the DVD ministry and written materials of the late Dr Stephen Olford. A UK representative is working on how to promote and use these materials in the UK. Further details will be available in due course.